See the spirit of Anna’s movement


I was truly saddened to read the columns in these pages on Anna Hazare and the Lokpal bill. Not because the views expressed were wrong (they were, indeed, most articulate and valid) but because they exemplify the kind of ivory-tower journalism we can do without in these cynical times.



Yes, Anna Hazare is a naïve idealist, but then protests are seldom rational; they breed in the gut and the gully, they are visceral reactions to indigestible politics. Let us not forget that the French guillotined hundreds of oppressors before the delicate flowers of liberty, equality and fraternity could bloom. And closer home, surely Mahatma Gandhi’s ambition of felling the British Empire on the yogic principles of truth and non-violence were once considered puerile, if not downright absurd.

more at indiaexpress

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