NTR starrer Shakti Movie Review: Super Duper Hit of 2011

A one star NTR – Ileana starrer movie Shakti released today.  Here are some reviews:-

greatandhra : ‘Shakti’ Review: Takes Out Your Shakti Rating: 2/5

idlebrain.com No Review till 10.00 pm

telugucine.com No Review till 10.00 pm

searchandhra.com Rating: 2.5/5

123telugu.com Rating 3/5 (review 1)

123telugu.com Rating 2.5/5 (review 2)

123telugu.com Rating 2.25/5 (review 3)


sify.com Rating *** Verdict: Disappointing

rediff.com Rating **

supergoodmovies.com: Rating 2.5/5




newsofap.in Rating 2.5/5


Some tweets:-


@prashanthbhat No sensible director will name Pooja Bedi FUCK THOO NI. god knows what it means.

@prashanthbhat NTR is the only good thing about Shakthi.The rest are the real curse

@prashanthbhat NTR shud take care of his scripts hereafter and not do obligatory films.He is a talented star.Pathetic narration and senseless story.Pheww.

@prashanthbhat Meher Ramesh doesn’t have brains.Aswini Dutt will take a long time to recover from the shock of Shakti. Second half is horrible. Bad film.

@prashanthbhat after this movie, Meher shud be sent to Pune film institute for a course in direction.He desrves 2 be a light boy.bad narration

@prashanthbhat Only NTR is good.I liked his dance, spontaeinity, action and dialogue delivery.Apart from him, the movie is Tsunami !!

@crhemanth Hemanth Kumar C R 

Jagan’s Odarpu Yatra takes a detour. We all know where he’s heading now. #ThinkMovies 🙂

@crhemanth Hemanth Kumar C R 

Best dialogue in Shakti : “Nenu koncham late ga vellinte, aa ammayi brathuku tomorrow aipoyedhi”. So, now you know what ‘tomorrow’ means 🙂

@JalapathyG Jalapathy Gudelli 

shakti vanchana lekunda naa shakti ni harincharu..inka shakti tecchukoni shakti review rayala..raste chadive shakti meekunda:)

@JalapathyG Jalapathy Gudelli 

I don’t know why it is titled Shakti. Sutti is the apt title.

@JalapathyG Jalapathy Gudelli 

Meher Ramesh burre burra..1984 lo Egypt lo gurram ekki India ki vaccharu..villains.

@crhemanth Hemanth Kumar C R 

dear meher ramesh gaaru…making a masala film doesn’t mean that you fuck history and dishonour timeframes as you like. thanks 🙂

@crhemanth Hemanth Kumar C R 

btw…before you misunderstand…here tomorrow aipoyindhi means raped…:-) NOT kidding

@meherramesh meher ramesh 

Shakthi releasing April 1st. Censor completed.JAI MATA di Last year Tarak’s engagement also April 1st.:))))

@vinimanchu Viranica Manchu 

Guys did u watch shakti yet?! I wanna see it! How is it?!

Reply to above tweet: @vinimanchu stay away!!we need u.

Today April 1st hence the title.  Now you can have your own title of the movie based on above reviews.


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