Founder of the American Red Cross – Clara Barton

Civil War nurse Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. Barton was a teacher and a U.S. Patent Office clerk before devoting herself to nursing in the American Civil War (1861-65). She earned the nickname "the angel of the battlefield" and in 1864 was named superintendent of all Union nurses. In the 1870s, officials of the International Red Cross invited her to help form a branch of the service in the U.S.; she agreed, and led the American Red Cross for its first 26 years.


polio cases in the India has hit a record low of 41 this year against 650 cases reported last year

According to the latest report of Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the number of polio cases in the India  has hit a record low of 41 this year against 650 cases reported last year. The report says that only 19 cases have been reported this year are from key reservoir areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The two states had accounted for 600 cases last year. In an extra ordinary achievement no cases have been reported in India in September to October. Maximum transmission of polio virus takes  place during this period.

paid news

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology has decided to examine various aspects related to 'Paid News'.  The Committee headed by Lok Sabha MP, Rao Inderjit Singh has invited suggestions from Public, experts and Organisations for wider consultations on the issue.  A press communique issued by Lok Sabha Secretariat says those willing to give opinion and views can send two copies either in English or Hindi to the Additional Director (IT), Lok Sabha Secretariat, Room No. 156, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110 001 within 15 days. It can also be emailed at or can be faxed at 011-2301-0756.  The committee after finalisation of the report will place it before Parliament.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven
Born: December 1770
Birthplace: Bonn, Germany
Died: 26 March 1827 (cirrhosis of the liver, plus dropsy)
Best Known As: The composer of Beethoven's Fifth
Mozart aside, Ludwig van Beethoven is the most famous classical composer of the western world. Beethoven is remembered for his powerful and stormy compositions, and for continuing to compose and conduct even after he began to go deaf at age 28. The ominous four-note beginning to his Fifth Symphony — bom bom bom bommmmm — is one of the most famous moments in all of music. (Beethoven supposedly described the notes as "Fate knocking at the door.") He wrote nine numbered symphonies in all: his Third Symphony ("Eroica") and Sixth Symphony ("Pastoral") are especially famous. Beethoven also wrote the popular "Moonlight" sonata (1801).

Beethoven never married. After his death his friends found letters to a lover he called "Immortal Beloved," whose identity has never been discovered. The English phrase "Immortal Beloved" is a translation of the German, "Unsterbliche Geliebte"… Beethoven's precise date of birth is unknown; he was baptized on 17 December 1770, and it is presumed he was born on 16 December.
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Born: 14 December 1503
Birthplace: St. Remy, France
Died: 2 July 1566 (gout)
Best Known As: The 16th-century French physician who made creepy predictions
Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer who dabbled in prophecy. His volume Centuries, a big set of vague and often cataclysmic predictions set in quatrains, made quite a sensation in his day. (Charles IX even made him court physician.) A few people continue to believe that Nostradamus really could predict events of the future, from the rise of Adolf Hitler to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in September of 2001. In truth, there is no real proof that Nostradamus could accurately predict the future, and many of the circulating "predictions" attributed to Nostradamus were not even written by him at all.

Nostradamus is a Latin rendering of his given name, Michel de Notredame.