Nice one to read :)

I joined the company and I thought that it was my dream come true. My Initial Training Program. I have a bunch of batch mates in the training like this.

We used to go to training like this.

We used to do lunch like this

I dedicated very hardly to my work and used to prepare for the training like this.

When I cleared my training with good percentage, I was very happy like this

When I came to know that I have been allotted to a project, I was on top of the moon like this

I made the gesture like this when I saw my first crush

I took a step ahead and took a rose to her like this

But to no avail. So I felt like this

I considered to move on and joined my project mates. In the beginning, we were very much enthusiastic to work together like this

As the days pass by, we beginning to understand that there is nothing in this project. So I used to sit in my cubicle like this

Sometimes I used to take a nap in my cubicle like this

There is no sleep at home and in the office as well. So this is how I look every night talking to my friends, my parents etc etc

When my team leader gives a stare at me

I was like this

And in extreme situation, like this

After missing my family, my friends, my dear ones, I am beginning to feel lonely like this

I started this

And this

After spending here for about 1 year, I am in very much confusion that literally there is nothing in my mind to think what to do

Like this:

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