must read by every Indian

But now JAn Indian owns Britain's East India Company – Another circle got completed. 

The East India Company which ruled India for more than 200 years is now ruled by an Indian Sanjiv Mehta who took over the company for $150 lac. 
He said” at an emotional level as an Indian, when you think with your heart as I do, I had this huge feeling of redemption – this indescribable feeling of owning a company that once owned us” 

But media is not interested in such great news. They were busy in useless Sania and Shoaib’s marriage Lets us be the media…&..Fwd this mail to all Indians…  
Sanjiv Mehta, CEO of The East India Company 


Just think………???????????????????????

Forward it to all Indian
 s . I really liked it, so forwarding it to you ………



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