All In The V
Not tonight, honey? India finds a middle ground between the sheets.

Who would have thought that twelve years after our groundbreaking survey of the sexual habits and attitudes of urban Indian married couples, we would find that Indians today are having less sex, despite a far more open and liberal sexual environment? It’s just one of the many eye-opening findings that turned up in the Outlook-Moods Sex Survey 2008.

The frequency has come down, as compared with 1996, and so has time spent on foreplay. All work and no (fore)play, it would seem, has made Jack a duller boy. More couples in full-time jobs, longer working hours, battling traffic jams on the daily commute, worrying about pink slips and home loans and terrorism—the typical pressures of life in the city today have no doubt taken their toll on the romantic life of urban couples. Fortunately, the scenario isn’t entirely gloomy. Couples may be more pressed for time and energy, but they’re trying even harder to squeeze all the fun they can out of life, and they’re more open to experimenting. In 2008, as our survey reveals, there was a lot more spontaneous sex, early morning sex and oral sex; and greater adventurousness in trying out new positions.

Which city is the most active in oral sex? What is the biggest turn-on for women—six-pack abs or a handsome face? What percentage of couples have never had an orgasm? In what way have attitudes towards pre-marital sex and homosexuality changed in the 21st century India? Read on to discover the many fascinating, illuminating—and surprising—findings of the Outlook-Moods Sex Survey.

source: outlookindia



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