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Israelis, Palestinians Agree to Talks (wsj)Google’s Next Frontier: Renewable Energy (nytimes)Conrad Black ‘could get just five years in jail’ (Times)Harman clings on as donation row escalates
(guardian)’Get Tendulkar’ to be Australia’s focus against India (Hindustan Times)


Secrets of Gemma’s figure Most international celebs have recently taken up to yoga to stay fit. And following in their footsteps is ‘I’m A Celeb’ star Gemma Atkinson who has confessed to being a “gym freak’’. Gemma is now determined to maintain her fitness regime during her time in the jungle. The exgirlfriend of Man U star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has wowed viewers with her knock-out physique, was spotted doing yoga stretches at the camp. She said: “I train five days a week and I love boxing — it works every muscle in the body.’’ While she’s surviving on basics in the jungle, her usual diet is only marginally more exciting. She says: “I have allbran for breakfast, wholemeal pasta for lunch and chicken with veg for dinner. I also snack on Ryvita or chocolate to perk me up.’’

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